In our hotel you can get any kind of watersports and activities: windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran and cable wakeboarding
The windsurf and kitesurf  stations in Moses Bay Hotel presented by international company  “Ibi&friends Windsurf and Kitesurf Centers” and situated directly on a private hotel beach and have:
-    big storage area
-    guestroom
-    sweet water shower 
-    fashion shop
-    Satellite TV/DVD
-    Music
Furthermore there is a Surfers `corner in front of the station where you can rest and enjoy the sunset with nice drinks. There is also a small library with books, magazines and games like Backgammon, chess, cards, Domino and many more. For the sport freaks we offer additionally volleyball, beach tennis, mini-football, single basketball and more activities. The beautiful, white sand beach invites you for long runs and walks.
El Tur is best suited for good intermediate or advanced  kitesurfing rider who are looking for a combination of flat water blasting and wave sailing - this is the ONLY spot in Egypt that offer true wave sailing conditions !!! We feel that this little know spot if one of the best sailing locations in the region and is superb for the dedicated kitesurfing holiday - and its very good value as well !
In the unlikely event that the wind is not blowing and we offer you a great fun activity as a cable wakeboarding. Its situated at the small lagoon left to the windsurf station.
Also you can rent a bicycles in our hotel and have a nice trips around the El Tur.
Our spot has four different areas for windsurfing and kitesurfing:
• A lagoon for beginners and maybe some freestyle tuition/practice 
• The main stretch runs directly from the private beach across the main bay to the mosque. Generally flat but with some wind blown chop in front of the lagoon for some chop hop/jumping practice or aerial freestyle launch pad. The run back allows you to plane right back into the beach or practice carve gybes on perfect flat water conditions 
• To the outside, where the Gulf of Suez wraps round into the bay, rolling swell offers big launch pads for jumping or some swell riding 
• A few km up the Gulf of Suez a full wave beach is located. This has side-on to onshore winds depending where you sail, and gives proper breaking waves up to 2m. Great for major jumping and proper wave riding. And no reef to worry about.
For the non-windsurfer! 
Yes, there really is such a thing as a non-windsurfer! El Tur Windsurfing does not forget this and so we have alternatives on offer if the sunbathing, tranquillity and snorkelling gets a little too much for you: 
•    Yoga 
•    Reiki 
•    Sekhem
•    Chios 
•    Massage 

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